Schedules Training

Schedules allow you to control when your equipment can and cannot run. This can reduce unneeded running of equipment and save energy for your company. The schedules are easy to use and are very flexible. A user can create a weekly schedule and add special events to override the default schedule as well one can create recurring events such as holidays.

Getting To Your Schedules

Image 1-1 | Schedule button highlighted.

To access your schedules click the Schedules button on your page navigation bar (top navigation bar – image 1-1). This will load your schedules page . At the bottom let of this page are four types of tabs; Schedules page(s), Holiday, schedule Guide, and Schedule sandbox.

Schedules: Depending on the size of your building there may be several pages of schedules to pick from. Each page will have at least one zone to choose from. By clicking the zone box a schedule settings window will pop-up. If your building or floor only has one zone the zone settings may be imbedded into the tab skipping the pop-up navigation.

Holiday: This page allows for the creation of events that overrides all zones with its settings. Creating holiday events is done the same way a special event is created as described below on this page.

Schedule Guide: Contains a condensed version of this tutorial.

Schedule Sandbox: Contains a schedule settings interface that is not connected with your system. Use this to become failure or test out schedule settings. Any settings or changes to this interface will have no effect on you system.

Below are two tutorials on how to create a weekly schedule or add an event to a schedule. The schedule interface for both tutorials are found by clicking on the desired zones in the Schedules tab(s) or may be embedded on that tab if only one zone control is needed.

Creating Weekly Schedules


First hover over the approximate time you want to begin your daily schedule, in this instance 7am. Then proceed to click and drag the mouse until you reach the approximate end of day, and release (image 2-1 and 2-2).

Image 2-1 | Hover and clicking.

Image 2-2 | clicking and dragging.


Type the values into the text field (image 2-3).

Image 2-3 | Typing the values.


Specify that the space will be Occupied (image 2-4).

Image 2-4 | Setting to Occupied.


Right click and select apply M-F (image 2-5).

Image 2-5 | Applying M-F.


Now you weekly schedule is complete (image 2-6).

Image 2-6 | Typing the values.

Creating A Special Event


click the add button (image 3-1).

Image 3-1 | Click the add button.


Specify the date & brief description. Click OK (image 3-2).

Image 3-2 | Creating the event.


Click and drag in on time calendar (image 3-3).

Image 3-3 | Clicking and dragging.


Adjust values by editing the fields (image 3-4).

Image 3-4 | Editing fields.


Click the priority up button to make the event take priority over the holiday schedule (image 3-5 and 3-6).

Image 3-5 | Clicking priority button.

Image 3-6 | Event with changed priority.


Click the save button (image 3-7).

Image 3-7 | Saving event.

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