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The mobile station is a simpler version of your existing station. It is made to work with any smart phone or tablet. If your equipment can view a webpage it can use the mobile station. The mobile station is intended to be useful tools for making adjustments anywhere you have access to the internet. In order to access your mobile site you will need a public ip address associated with your control system. Your system admin can enable or disable the mobile users and set their passwords. Not all stations have mobile sites built for them. This is a bonus feature Control Systems Consultants offers.

Your mobile station is designed to function in a similar way as the normal station but with some tweaks to aid in touch screen appliances. The mobile station will always load up to the home page (see image 1-1) and every page will have a link to the home page located at the same place. In addition there is a navigation page with a similar link on every page (image 1-2).


Not all features are accessible via the mobile station. This is because of the limitations of some mobile devices. For example the mobile site has a page for trend logs but currently at this time the station is just limited to a list of available trends. We anticipate this changing in the near future so we have included this into the mobile station.

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