Schedules allow you to control when your equipment can and cannot run. This can reduce unneeded running of equipment and save energy for your company. The schedules are easy to use and are very flexible. A user can create a weekly schedule and add special events to override the default schedule as well one can create recurring events such as holidays.

Using Mobile Schedules

Image 1-2 | Schedules page.

To navigate to your Schedules configuration click the Schedules button found on your mobile stations Home Page (image 1-1).

Image 1-1 | Mobile home page.

The Schedules page will have a list of all the zones on the station. Each zone will be labelled appropriately. To assist in locating the zones a window box appears in each zone that can be used for a custom description or notes of the zone. The save button must be used when making/changing any notes or the inputed data will be lost.

The Zone menus will also display when the next on/off will occur and an icon will indicate if the zone is occupied or unoccupied. To change the zone schedule click the edit button on the desired zone. This will navigate to the schedule setting page for that zone.


The holiday and special events features for the schedule settings on the mobile station are not offered. This is because of the limitations of some mobile devices.It does however still allow the configuration of all schedules. To learn how to set up the special events or holidays on your normal station click here.

Schedule Setting

Image 2-1 | Mobile schedule page.


The schedule view (image 2-1) will display a weekly schedule for the loaded zone. To add an event to the schedule click the Add Event link at the bottom of the desired day.


The schedule view only allows the current week to be seen. The mobile station is meant to be quick and mobile access for making needed changes. Any extensive scheduling should be done from the main station.

Image 2-2 | New mobile event.


To add an event click the add event link located at the bottom of the desired day (image 2-1). When this is done event options will appear to be edited. One the editing is done press the add button to save the event.

Start: Use this to set the starting time for the event.

Finish: Use this to set the ending time for the event.

Output: Use this pull down menu to set what occupied value with be active during the event.


The mobile station does not have the capability to set recurring events. Use the normal Station to do this.

Image 2-3 | Edit mobile event.


To edit an event click the highlighted event time on the weekly schedule (image 2-3). This will load the Modify Event options. Once the changes have been made press the Modify button to save the changes. If you wish to delete the event press the Delete button. To cancel the changes press the Cancel button.

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