Mobile Station Email

Email notification is the quickest way to keep up to date with problems on your system. Your control system can be configured to notify you via email when an alarm is triggered. For an example your station can be set to monitor the temperature of a zone and notify you when its temperature drops or rises beyond a set point.

Using Email Configuration

Image 1-1 | History chart builder tool.

To navigate to your email configuration click the Email Setup button found on your mobile stations Home Page (image 1-1).


Not all features for the email configuration are accessible via the mobile station. This is because of the limitations of some mobile devices. We anticipate this changing in the near future so we have included this page into the mobile station.

At this current time the email configuration page (image 1-2) only offers displayed data and no real configuration options. It does allow you to see how the email is currently set up. To learn how to set up the email options on your normal station click here.

Image 1-2 | Mobile Email Configuration.

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