Lighting Control

When building in Texas, most major cities and the state building codes require a lighting reduction strategy, in addition to energy reduction measures. Whether building or retrofitting for LEED Certification, IECC 2012, ASHRAE 90.1 – 2010, or building codes that conform to one or more of these standards, CSC can meet these requiremnts using Wattstopper, Honeywell, or other lighting products.

According to recent studies, in spite of the fact that over 50% of Americans are aware that lighting controls can increase energy savings, only 1 in 10 plan on using these. Additional case studies indicate that lighting controls can save between 14% to 30% of total energy costs.

Control Systems Consultants expert staff can help develop the right system for your building, campus or institution. This service includes state of the art integrated energy management system, the most user friendly graphics inteface in the state of Texas, analytical software required by some building codes. This package is exacly what facilities and energy managers need.


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