Graphics / Station Creation

If you already have an existing station and are looking for an upgrade to your control interface or are an installer and want to provide a premium quality station for your customer, Control Systems Consultants can help you. We offer the service of creating graphics and/or stations.


Heat pump 3d Graphic

Control Systems Consultants has a graphics team that is dedicated to the creation of user-friendly graphics that are visually appealing. We have trained professional artist working on each project. We can create custom 3D graphics to represent equipment, buildings, or what ever your need may be.

HVAC 3d graphic control example

    Some of our work
  • Floor Plans
  • Central Plants

  • Chillers

  • Vented Room
  • Other Systems


Building Automation Graphic Interface Example

The control and graphical interface we create are Tridium or Niagara based. Any system that will communicate with Tridium or Niagara we can create a control interface for. To learn how to see a working demo of our station interface click here.

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