Dallas ISD Building Automation and upgrades by Control Systems

Dallas Independent School District

1,000,000 Sq. Ft.


Manning Architect & CMA


Estes McClure &


Turner Construction and
Satterfield & Pontikes

Multiple Locations:

  • Skyline High School
  • New Administration Building
  • Rufus C. Burleson Elementary
  • Thelma Richards Elementary
  • E.B. Comstock Middle School
  • Thompson Elementary
  • Douglas Elementary
  • Fred F. Florence Middle School
  • Lincoln High School
  • More Not Listed...

CSC provided a variety of LON based control systems to various renovations, upgrades and additions to multiple Dallas Independent School District projects. From newly installed Variable Air Volume boxes to existing central plants, CSC successfully integrated all systems via a Tridium based front end.

Control Systems Consultants

  • Created Web Based Front End System
  • Retro-fits & Building Automation Upgrades
  • Complete Building Automation
  • Integration With Existing Automation
  • Audits & Pre-construction Functional Testing
  • CO2 Monitoring & Demand Ventilation
  • Central Plant Installation & Upgrades


AI of Fort Worth sensors & controls by Control Systems Consultants

Art Institute of Fort Worth

20,000 Sq. Ft.

Architect & Mechanical Engineer

Page Southerland Page

Mechanical Contractor:

TD Industries

Recently selected as one of the top Military Veteran friendly centers of higher learning in the US, this nationally accredited institution offering degrees in design, fashion, media arts and culinary arts. CSC provided an extension and upgrade of an existing BAS system, to include CO2 sensors & control, plus central plant tie in and finishout. CSC further provided the controls system for the remaining 45,000 square feet plus of building space.

Control Systems Consultants

  • CO2 Sensors & Control
  • Central Plant Tie In & Finish Out


Dallas Baptist University Building Automation & Graphic Interface by CSC

Dallas Baptist University - Horner Hall

11,800 Sq. Ft.



Design Consultants:


DBUs most accurate replication of any American Colonial Period Historic building. Horner Hall replicates the original Congress Hall in which the Constitution of the United States & Bill of Rights were signed. Houses state of the art recording and media facilities, music labs & College of Fine Arts. Due to the nature of the historical architecture, CSC worked closely with the design team to ensure proper control system placement and integration, without detracting from the historic ambiance of this one of a kind building.

Control Systems Consultants

  • Open Protocol Johnson Control System
  • Upgrades On Existing Equipment
  • Control Of New Central Plant
  • Refrigerant Monitoring & Leakage Detection
  • Domestic Hot Water Monitoring & Control
  • Web Based Graphical User Interface
  • Integration With Campus Wide Energy Management System


Johnson Control DDC System, RTU, VAVs, by Control Systems Consultants

Everest College

Fort Worth

48,800 Sq. Ft.


Newman Architecture


Purdy McGuire

Everest College - Ft. Worth campus provides professional training and Associate degrees in a wide range of career specialties. Programs are highly focused and designed to get you through school and into the workplace as quickly as possible. CSC provided a stand-alone Johnson Control DDC system for RTUs, VAVs and a chilled and hot water system.

Control Systems Consultants

  • Johnson Control DDC System
  • RTUs
  • VAVs
  • Chilled & Hot Water System


Forney ISD BAS upgrade & Building Automation by Control Systems

Forney Independent School District


500,000+ Sq. Ft.

Architect (multiple):


MEP (multiple):

S. Toub and Associates

Forney ISD has 14 buildings and over 8,000 students. Over the pas few years the school district has had an aggressive campaign to modernize, upgrade, and expand these facilities. New construction consisted of over 15 new schools and administration buildings, in addition to renovations of existing locations. Primary among these was a complete BAS upgrade that CSC had the sole responsibility for. Whether new construction or existing buildings and equipment, CSC provided an extensive range of programming and materials resulting in a fully integrated building automation system across FISD.

Control Systems Consultants

  • BAS Upgrade
  • Fully Integrated Automation System